Bertie and Jack Personalised Wall Art Review
Bertie & Jack design and make personalised and colourful wall art. It's a family business run by Emma and Becky along with their partners and named after their children. The business was established in 2010 in Bath, on a market stall, but they were so successful, that John Lewis started to stock the range in 2013.  It's easy to see why. 
Bertie & Jack were the first to create artwork in this way.  They create a 'cut out' design from hand-drawn illustrations on mount board.  This is then placed over a pattern or print to create the finished piece.

Bertie and Jack Personalised Wall Art Review
I chose a piece of art work called 'All You Need', with a black frame and black and white musical notation, called My Musical, at the back for the patterned part. The writing in the corner can be personalised to suit your requirements. This is a typographic print, just one type from a range of 14 different ones.  It was a real struggle to narrow my choice down - they all looked so good.
The thing that I really liked about the deciding process, was that when you hovered over the background swatches to select which one you liked the look of, the image on the screen automatically changed to show you exactly what it looked like.
My choice is quite a conservative choice really, when you see the range of 64 background swatches available, but my house is fairly neutral and I wanted the piece for my black, grey and white office.
Bertie and Jack Personalised Wall Art Review
And I love the way it looks in there.  The quality is so good, with a sturdy black frame and a perspex type cover over the print, to protect it from dust and finger marks.
There are 4 frame sizes available and mine is the medium, 32cm x 32cm one.  You can choose either a black or white frame, but you can also order the print without the frame, if you prefer to sort your own framing out. The small and medium frames come with a free Bertie & Jack gift box.
The service was quick and professional, and if you pay their website a visit, I'm sure you will agree that it is so bright, modern and easy to use, which is always a bonus when you are ordering online.
Wall art can really help to finish a room off and this is what my chosen piece did.  I am so happy with it.
If you would like to find out more about Bertie & Jack's wall art, you can do so by clicking here.
Prices start at £18.50 for a small unframed print of this type.
* I was kindly sent a Bertie & Jack of my choice.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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