Gel - a - Peel Jewellery Making Kit - Review

Gel - A - Peel review
Lauren has been so excited to try the Gel - a - Peel Jewellery Making Kit and on Monday, the first day of half term, I let her loose with it.  Gel - a - Peel kits come in an assortment of sizes.  This kit is valued at £14.99.  It came with 3 tubes of gel in different shades of pinks and purple.  The idea is that you create your own fashionable accessories by following a template with the gel, waiting for it to dry and then peeling your design off to use.
So how did Lauren get on?

When she opened the box, it contained the following.  She was immediately drawn to the idea that you can make earrings.  The kit also contained 2 hairclips and templates for various bracelets too. It also came with 5 different nozzles, like baking nozzles, to create different shapes with the gel.

Gel - A - Peel review
When we took everything out of the box, it was a shame to see that they had rolled the templates and the plastic sheet that you work on.  This meant that it was really difficult to get the plastic to lie flat on the table, to work on.  The instructions recommend that you run the plastic under warm water for a while, to tease it flat, but we found that it made no difference.  The packaging should have been designed so that these sheets were contained flat inside.
Nevertheless, Lauren continued and stuck washi tape, pretty much all the way round, to keep it flat.  The idea is that you put the transparent plastic over the templates/instructions and then tape it down so that you can follow the template without it sliding around.  We did manage to get it ready to use as you can see in the picture.
Gel - A - Peel review
At this point I left Lauren to it and asked her to shout me when she had made something. She is 10 years old, so likes to do her own thing.  When I went back, I expected a bit of a disaster, if I'm honest, but I was surprised to see that she had decided to make an earring and it turned out like this.

Gel - A - Peel review

I don't think she did a bad job at all and there was plenty of product left too.  The packaging states that you can make up to 60 bracelets with the kit we were sent.  I think they may be right.

So what did Lauren think of it?

I enjoyed experimenting with Gel - a - Peel. One of the best things is that it makes a nice piece of jewellery and there's still more gel left! However, one of the things that I found a bit disappointing was how the mat came bent and even when we poured warm water onto it, it remained that way. All in all though, I enjoyed having a go at Gel- a -Peel. The gel was sticky (which I loved) and it wasn't hard to come out of the nozzle. To add to that it wasn't that difficult to follow the design which resulted in not making a mess!!

I agree.  The gel did dry quite quickly, but remember to check the full drying time on each individual template. The earring was soon ready to wear.

Gel - A - Peel review
Gel - a - Peel is a good product.  It would suit the older child, if you are struggling to think of a gift to buy them, as I always seem to be doing at the moment.  She's at that funny age of being too old for toys, but this would keep her quite happy for a while.
You can buy Gel - a - Peel at good toy stores and online.
Nicola x

*We were sent this kit for review purposes.  All opinions belong to Lauren and I.

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