A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to visit the Hotter store in Chester for a blogger event to showcase their Autumn and Winter 2016 footwear collection. I was really happy to be invited as I was on the lookout for some new boots for Autumn and the selection on their website looked really good.
In fact I was really quite surprised, when I did take a look online, as I honestly usually linked the brand to the older generation.  It was a surprise to see so much choice available for everybody.  All tastes are catered for, no matter what your age or style.

On the evening, Hotter staff were available to find your perfect fit of boot or shoe.  I have to say that the knowledge and expertise of those working on the evening was outstanding.  The shoes all have names and they know them all 'off by heart.'
We were told the background to the company and introduced to the cute Hotter bus, which I just had to take a photo of.  It was really interesting to hear about how the shoes are made, especially the sole.  It is designed to be as light and flexible as possible and it was.  They use cushioning and padding to create a shoe experience that is so comfortable it is known as a 'Hotter Moment' or #HotterMoment on social media.  They pretty much guarantee that your shoes will be comfortable and have spent years testing and trialling footwear.
On the evening, we were allowed to select a pair of shoes or boots of our choice.  What a task that was - there were so many to choose from.  I did eventually pick the Pixie boots as did a lot of the other bloggers who were there on the evening.  They were very popular.
The Pixie boots are available in a variety of colours which is something I found from many of the shoes in the range.  It was quite impressive to see the colour ranges available and all in beautiful Autumnal colours.  In the end I picked a grey pair with the intention of wearing them with leggings or skinny jeans.  The ladies in the shop ensured that they were a good fit. Nothing was too much trouble. 
I deliberately picked out a pair of flat boots, because I knew that I would get the most wear out of them.  I loved how they have a gorgeous grey furry type lining - perfect for cold winter days.  When I tried them on, they were sooo comfortable.  I knew that I had made the right choice.
So did I get my #Hotter Moment?
The first time I wore my boots was to a day out to Tatton Park in Cheshire.  It was a really full on day out. I walked around, comfortably, all day long.  They withstood me trudging through Autumn leaves ( I did Spray protect them before I wore them though.)  They were mark free at the end of the day.  My feet were also warm.  It felt a bit like I had my slippers on, but in a good way!
Hotter are the UK's largest shoe manufacturer with 76 stores across the country.  I would recommend their shoes for durability, style and comfort any day of the week.  Thanks for having me on the evening.  It was a great night.
Have you ever thought about Hotter shoes? What about a bag?  You should see the bag collection, it is seriously gorgeous.  Why not check out the entire range here and treat yourself this Winter.
Nicola x
*I was invited to Hotter and given a pair of Pixie Boots for the purpose of this review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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