Yankee Candle Christmas Range

Yankee Candle Christmas Range
We have been gearing up further, for the festive season in our house, by burning the latest scents from the Yankee Candle Christmas Range.  I am always excited to see what the new scents will be each year, and while it's great to see my old favourites such as Christmas Eve and Red Apple Wreath, still available to buy, I just love experimenting with the new fragrances. The new range is called Holiday Party and it aims to get you in the festive mood with its cocktail and treats inspired range.

I have been lucky to be able to sample each of the fragrances from the new range, which includes the following scents.
- All is Bright.
- Festive Cocktails
- Macaron Treats
- Star Anise and Orange.
There isn't a hint of cinnamon mentioned in any of the titles and the colours of the wax are bright and cheery for a fun feel.  So what do they really smell like?  Here goes.
All is Bright Yankee Candle
This is described as a blend of sparkling citrus scents drifting on a warm musk, on the Yankee website. It's main scents are grapefruit, orange, redcurrant and sweet musk.  The scent is powerful when burning and throws a mixture of both sweet and fruity notes around the room. No hint of cinnamon in this one, so it might be ideal if you are after a change.  I love the neutral feel that this one has with its cream wax and sparkly label.  It would fit in with a neutral Christmas palette.
Festive Cocktails Yankee Candle.
This is the red one, so the one that is most symbolic of Christmas to me. Described as a tart concoction with a hint of mountain berries and a sprig of fresh-snipped pine, this one throws out cranberry, blackcurrant and pine with a base note of vanilla.  I was surprised to find that this was my favourite, when I realised it contained vanilla as a base note.  I'm not normally a fan of vanilla scented products, but give me fruity berry scents and I am sold.  My Christmas colour scheme is red, so I am looking forward to continuing to burn this one and getting a fresh scent, instead of the usual cinnamon that is usually associated with red candles at Christmas.
Macaron Treats Yankee Candle
I was surprised/ not surprised to see this one included in the range for the following reasons.  Macarons are so on trend at the moment, so it's not surprising that they feature.  I was still unsure of how Christmas could emulate from a bright green wax, that wouldn't look out of place at a summer cocktail party, though.   Described as sweet as can be with hints of vanilla, almond and sugar. It's like biscuits in a jar, so great if you are after the just baked cookie smell for Santa.
Star Anise and Orange Yankee Candle
Described as a juicy slice of fresh orange cooled by sweet anise, I was expecting a strong aniseed type scent to come from this.  To be honest the throw from this just wasn't that great, not even from the orange notes.  It contains sandalwood too, which is usually quite powerful, but no, I couldn't smell anything despite the gorgeous smell when I had a sniff of the jar.
So that's it. I hope I have inspired you to give the new range a try.  If you would like to find out more about the Holiday Party Christmas Range from Yankee Candle, then give their website a visit here for more details.
Have you already tried any of the new scents?
Nicola x
*I was provided with the new Holiday Party range for the purpose of this review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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