3 Amazing Things To Do This Christmas

We are now well and truly in the run up to Christmas. Everyone has started their Christmas preparations and so have I, and this time I wanted to make my Christmas different and more exciting and fun and so, I came up with these 3 different and amazing things to do this Christmas which I'd like to share with you.

1. Book a Christmas holiday trip:

This Christmas, you could arrange a little holiday to break up the dreaded lull between Christmas and New Year.  We have a touring caravan and we always like to try to get away over the festive period. This year, we have plans to visit Hawes in Yorkshire.

2. Plan some crazy gift ideas:

This is going to be so much fun. The usual gifts that we gift each other every Christmas has become too common and overrated to be true. Gifting the usual things to each other has become mundane. So we decided to go with gifting some crazy gifts to our family members. Or you can even choose to give charity by playing bingo at Rehab Bingo. You can look at the rehab bingo page to know more.

3. A different feast:

Try out different cuisines and delicacies of different countries like Ethiopian, Persian, Egyptian/Mediterranean, Indian, Sri Lankan, Hungarian, Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean or Chinese or any other cuisine that you prefer and make the feast a grand one.

Try out these amazing ideas and have a very merry Christmas.

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