Winter is here which means heating bills are on the up and we need to find new ways to ensure we’re well heated and insulated throughout the long cold months. It’s pricey but with the right heating appliance you can find something which works for your wallet while also keeping you warm.

Stylish and affordable 

The Warm Rooms site is full of attractive and efficient heating appliances of all kinds. It might be a plain white wall radiator, or perhaps a small portable electronic heater and if you’d like something which works with the design scheme of your room, there’s a whole range of funky looking heating appliances which will compliment rather than detract from your overall design. All too often we find ourselves having to compromise on design and aesthetics in order to make room for the functional. Those days are behind us now. Eye catching designs are becoming increasingly accessible.

There’s an equally pressing question we should all be asking – how much energy do they consume? The problem is that after a couple of years in which heating bills have been relatively static, they are set to climb once more with a number of the major suppliers said to be gearing up for price hikes. According to the Telegraph heating bills could climb by 5% this winter. The cheapest fixed rate tariff has increased from £745 per year to £858 according to So Energy.

Bills are on the up

Furthermore the Brexit vote could be throwing another spanner in the works. As the pound slumped after the vote, gas import prices rose which has prompted some providers to push up their energy tariffs. So, it’s more important than usual to economise when planning your heating systems, but at the same time any young family will know just how important it is to keep the house warm and toasty – just turning down the thermostat is not always a good option.

The good news is that the latest radiators and heaters are rated to provide as much energy efficiency as possible, so although it may cost a little more to buy up front you may well make all those savings back within just a short space of time. In addition, it’s a good way to ensure your heating systems remains as environmentally friendly as possible. We are all trying to live healthy, responsible green lifestyles. By splashing out a little more on a heating system which is more energy efficient, we’re not only saving a few pounds and pennies, but we’re also doing our bit to save the planet. 

Increasingly, then, we’re seeing a range of new providers offering more heating appliances which are stylish, attractive and can complement your existing design while also keeping your energy costs to a minimum. So if you don’t think you can afford to splash out on a new heater, the time may be coming to think again.

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