Travel Advice for Families with Young Children

Travel Advice for Families with Young Children

Planning a holiday with your family means you need to consider plenty of things. From the accessibility and amenities of your accommodation to the selection of kid-friendly restaurants. Some of the most memorable and meaningful moments of your life will be on these trips with your family, so it is definitely worth the stress and planning in the end. If you're planning a holiday and are taking young children along, then you may want to consider the following travelling tips and advice to make things easier.

Reservations. For Everything.

Travelling with children changes everything. Long gone are the days where a spontaneous whim to go or see something can be rewarded with fun. The last thing you want to do is arrive in a city, unable to find accommodation, rental cars or other needed amenities. is a good place to find the best rental car deal, and even parking – through services like – can now be reserved in advance. You don't want to be travelling around with grumpy, tired young children because you didn't plan in advance. 

Know the Weather

Travelling with small children means making considerations that you might not make for yourself. One important thing to consider is the weather. Whether you're going to a ski resort or a tropical getaway, be sure to pack clothing that is suitable for the weather, and for every eventuality.

Carry the Essentials

Young children all have special needs – some more than others. If your children are on any medications, then it's worth investing in a portable and secure solution for carrying and storing them. Likewise, consider any potential insects or bugs in the area; you might want to bring insect repellent if you are going somewhere warm. Sunscreen, nappies, baby formula and many other items all feature prominently in any family's list of must-brings. Be sure to make a list of everything needed prior and pack accordingly.

Plan for Some Rest Time

Young children in particular can be stressed out and easily upset when in unfamiliar situations. When first arriving, try to spend as much of the first day as possible recuperating and letting them rest. Throughout the holiday, it's important to also note that more daily activity means that your children will naturally grow tired earlier in the evening. Because of this, it's generally a good idea to be out during the morning and afternoon, and be back at your accommodation by evening.

Travelling with young children isn't the easiest thing you'll ever do, but you can simplify the process substantially by following some basic guidelines. Carry all essential items with you on holiday, be aware of the weather conditions beforehand, give them plenty of time to rest and reserve, reserve, reserve.

Do you have any winter holiday plans?

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