Pass your driving test the first time with these useful tips

How to pass your driving test.
Passing your driving test can sometimes take a long time, depending on how much effort you’re able to put in. For most experienced drivers, driving becomes second nature but for beginners it can seem like a very steep learning curve. Here are a few ways you can make learning to drive easier.

Read the highway code

Before getting behind the wheel, get yourself up to speed on what you need to know to be a safe driver. You’ll be tested on the highway code in your driving theory test, so spend some time reading it. You can get mock driving theory tests at


Spend some time cycling along your local roads and take notice of the different road markings and signs. By getting to know the roads before you start actually driving, you’ll find it much easier and will be much less overwhelmed the first time you get into the driving seat.

Watch your family and friends while they are driving

When you’re in the passenger seat, get some basic tips from the driver. Watch how they control the car and get an understanding of how to drive smoothly and carefully. Look at the manoeuvres they do that you think look difficult and watch what they do. Ask them what the different controls in the car do and get them to show you how they work.

Car control

You don’t have to drive on a public road to learn how to control a car. There are plenty of courses available with driving instructors who will take you out on private land (such as a car park) and show you how to drive. This is a great way to get in the driving seat if you don’t have a provisional license or don’t yet have a car or anyone to sit in the passenger seat to help you.

Automatic gearboxes

If you’re really finding driving a manual gearbox driven car difficult, it can be useful to try driving an automatic car instead. As you don’t have to deal with changing gears and messing around with the clutch there are less controls to get the hang of. Automatic cars are much easier to drive and you only need to deal with the steering, accelerator and brake pedals.

Go Go karting
Although quite different to driving a car, a go kart has an accelerator, brake and steering wheel. If you’ve never driven any type of car then go to one of the many places that offer go karting and try it out.

This can be a good way to get familiar with how cars behave and how to use the controls. It’s also a great way to get used to having other cars near you, as in a go kart race there are a lot of other drivers on the track! Many drivers get the hang of the controls of the car but get scared of being around other drivers on the main roads.

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