My #familysuperpowers with npower

npower have sent Peter and Emily Andre off around the country to seek out unique individuals who are parenting with amazing superpowers and I have been asked, by npower to share my story right here on the blog. 

All parents have superpowers and you really never know which one you will need next and when.  That's what parenting is all about - thinking on your feet, taking immediate action, doing whatever it takes, to SAVE THE DAY!

I find myself challenged each and every day with having two three year old boys and a ten year old daughter.  One minute I'm met with mucky hands and faces to clean and the next I'm discussing the latest vlog that Zoella has uploaded, with my daughter.  I don't know if I'm coming or going!

For six years my superpowers were put to the test by my daughter and her alone.  As any parent of a singleton will know, there are always daily challenges to be overcome, but it wasn't until my twins came along that I fully started to NEED my superpowers.  Without these powers, I don't know how we would have got through.
My List of Twin Mama superpowers
  • Hands -  I have somehow managed to grow an extra pair.  They come in so useful.  I can do everything I did for one child, but now for two.  It's amazing! No twin is ever left waiting.  Whether it's getting dressed, having a bath, being fed, it's all done with my extra pair of hands.

  • Eyes in the back of my head.  Have you ever read my letter to the woman at the park?  In it I explain how it is to take three year old twins to the park when you are by yourself.  The eyes in the back of my head, have been real saviours - I haven't lost anybody yet.  I've actually lost count of the number of times that I've needed to use the eyes in the back of my head. From spotting the twin who is raiding the fridge, to the one who is about to draw on something he shouldn't, there's not much that passes me.

  • Fairness - In the early days, I could split a large baby food jar into 2 potions, weigh each potion and only be out by 1 gram in my 'guesstimation'.  Such was and still is, the need to treat each child fairly.

  • Twin Pram Navigation Skills - Only a mama with a double buggy possesses this superpower.  It's the superpower that often sets me on edge, the one that leaves me muttering under my breath, especially when I have put the power to the test in New Look, negotiated every aisle to get to the till, prevented half of the stock from coming with me with little grabbing hands, and then BANG! Right there, somebody stands in front of you, blocks your path, seems reluctant to let you past, which causes you to re-navigate.  But we do it.  We do it in the name of fashion! I will buy that new top come hell or high water!  Superpowers to the max!

  • Patience - I have buckets full of the stuff and just when I think it's starting to run out, more comes pouring in. This is my favourite superpower.  I like to call upon it so often, that it's nice to know I can rely on it to be there.  - See New Look story above.  See Fridge Raiding story above and if you really want a laugh, you could read about how I parented my kids last summer.

So there you have it.  A snapshot of just some of the superpowers I possess.  No doubt you have your own set of powers, as most parents do. You can share them over on Twitter @npowerHQ using #familysuperpowers.

You can check out Peter and Emily Andre's superpowers here.

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