Five Must-Have Items for a Kid's Bedroom

Are you in the process of designing a kid's bedroom? Whether this is your first crack at a kid's bedroom or you’ve got a few under your belt, it doesn’t hurt to give the design some thought. A kid's bedroom is unique in that you need to think of the space from a child’s point of view. This means the design elements and the placement of the furniture will be different from an “adult” space.

Here we’ll take a look at five must-have items that you’ll want to include as you design the ultimate kid's bedroom.

A Fun Carpet

Because kids tend to spend a lot of time in their room playing, it’s a wise idea to give them a comfortable surface to play on. This is a great opportunity to combine function with design, as you can give them a comfortable carpet to play on while making it something fun to look at. A great example of carpets for kids can be found at Big Warehouse Sale. You'll find a variety of "disco" carpets that feature fun sparkles in them. What a fabulous way to add colour, dimension, and fun to their room.

A Kid's Themed Clock

While this may not seem like a big deal, adding a clock to a child’s room is an excellent idea. If you have a child who is younger, it’s a perfect opportunity for them to start learning about time and to set a daily routine they can follow. There are a variety of fun clocks nowadays that are specifically made for kid's rooms. You can find models that project the time onto the ceiling, glow, talk, play lullabies, and more.

A Nightlight or an Item That Glows

Young ones can feel a bit nervous in a big room all by themselves at night, which is why it’s a good idea to give them something that glows. This can be in the form of a nightlight, a stuffed animal, a fun table lamp, or even glow in the dark decals/stickers on the wall and ceiling. Depending on how big the room is you may need a couple of glowing items placed in the room.

A Designated Reading Space

We all know how important reading is in a child's life, no matter their age, so why not give them a designated reading space in their room. This should include a bookshelf for all their favourite books, a comfortable chair (bean bag chairs work great), and a light.

Plenty of Storage Space

If your child tends to have a lot of toys and collectibles, you’ll also want to think about storage options. The storage should be a system that the child can use on their own so they are also encouraged to clean up after themselves.

Invite Them to Take Part

As you start to shop for all these must-have items, it’s a good idea to involve your child. After all, it is their space. It’s a great way to encourage their creativity and allow them to be part of setting up their room.
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